I Fell in Love with This Apartment

I was so excited when I found the perfect place to live within minutes of starting my search. I had gone online and did a search for Henderson apartments, and that is how I found The Edge apartments. As soon as I saw the picture on the site’s home page, I knew that I was going to really like everything about it. I did my homework though, meaning I looked through everything on the site to make sure this really was the most ideal place for me. They made it easy enough to determine this too because of all the information they put on their website.

I just needed a one bedroom apartment because it is just me, and I knew that I would not have any overnight guests. I know that there are some single people who like to have a second bedroom to do something other than a guest room. A good friend of mine uses a second bedroom as her home office, and another uses it for a catch all room for all her crafting. For me though, I didn’t want an extra room that would just end up collecting junk and other things.

I looked at the one bedroom units that have one bathroom, and I really liked the biggest one. The floor plan is just perfect for me. I love that the master bedroom is completely separated from the living room. I might have guests over for dinner or to watch a movie, and the bathroom is right next to the dining room, so no one would need to go in my bedroom for anything. I value my privacy, and I knew I would have a lot here. I signed up for a tour of the apartment I wanted, and I fell in love with it. That is why I am now living here!