We Are Building Our Own Home

My wife and I have been very fortunate in our lives. I am a successful businessman, and she is a professional photographer who has made quite the name for herself throughout Turkey. We wanted to find a really nice house, but we were not able to find anything that really screamed out to us that it was the one. We definitely did not want to settle, but we were so ready to have our own home too rather than an apartment. I finally decided to look at cheap property in Turkey to see if I could find any nice plots of land.

I figured that if we had to get our dream house by having it built for us, then that is what we would do. The only way that would work though is if we were able to find a piece of property that would be perfect for what we needed. I looked on a real estate website and found a great piece of property right by the sea. Looking at the pictures of it, we both knew that this was definitely the location of our new home. We had just been going about it the wrong way!

We don’t have children yet, but we both want at least two or three. One of the reasons we had been waiting was because we were in the apartment, which was spacious for two but not ideal for more. The area where we will build our home is in a great school district, which was also an important factor. It was easy to go and look at the land, and then make the offer to purchase it. Everything went smoothly, and we are now working with an architect who is designing our dream home for us. This is a really exciting time for us!